Current Academic Positions

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals


Public Administration and Democracy: The Complementarity Principle (with Lindsey Schwartz), Cambridge University Press (2023). [Open Access]

Partnership Communities: Political Accountability and the Success of Infrastructure Development Around the World (with Eleanor Florence Woodhouse, Michele Castiglioni and Paolo Belardinelli), Cambridge University Press (2021).

Democracy Administered: How Public Administration Shapes Representative GovernmentCambridge University Press (2021).

Public Policy Investment: Policy Prioritization and British Statecraft (with Peter John), Oxford University Press (2013).

Policy Agendas in British Politics (with Peter John, Will Jennings, and Shaun Bevan), Palgrave-Macmillan (2013).

The Political Economy of Public Sector Governance. Cambridge University Press (2012).

Madison’s Managers: Public Administration and the Constitution (with Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.). Johns Hopkins University Press (2006).

Journal Articles

Hybrid Governance and the Attribution of Political Responsibility: Experimental Evidence from the United States, with Eleanor Florence Woodhouse and Paolo Belardinelli, Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, v. 32, n. 1 (2022). [Gated]

What is Behavioral Public Administration Good For? with Norma M. Riccucci, Public Administration Review, v. 82, n. 1 (2022). [Gated]

Reputation-Sourced Authority and the Prospect of Unchecked Bureaucratic Power, with Madalina Busuioc, Public Administration Review, v. 81, n. 1 (2021). [Open Access]

The Electoral System, the Party System, and Accountability in Parliamentary Government, with Christopher Kam and Alexander Held, American Political Science Review, v. 114, n. 3 (2020). [Gated] [SSRN]

An Agenda for the Study of Public Administration in Developing Countries, with Mai Hassan, Dan Honig, Daniel Rogger and Martin Williams, Governance, v. 33, n. 4 (2020). [Gated]

Heuristics and Political Accountability in Complex Governance: An Experimental Test, with Gregg Van Ryzin, Research & Politics, July-September (2020). [Open Access]

The Political Cost of Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence from Colombian Infrastructure Development, with Camila Angulo Amaya and Eleanor Woodhouse, Governance, v. 33, n. 4 (2020) [SSRN] [Gated]

Corruption, Democracy and Privately Financed Infrastructure, with Valentina Mele and Eleanor
Florence Woodhouse, Administration & Society, v. 53, n. 3 (2020). [Gated] [SSRN]

Understanding Delegation Through Machine Learning: A Method and Application to the European Union, with L. Jason Anastasopoulos, American Political Science Review, v. 114, n. 1 (2020). [Gated] [SSRN]

When New Public Management Fails: Infrastructure Partnerships and Political Constraints in Developing and Transitional Economies, with Valentina Mele and Andrew Whitford, Governance, v. 33, n. 3 (2020). [Gated] [SSRN]

Setting the Regulatory Agenda: Statutory Deadlines and the Conditions for Compliance, with Kathleen M. Doherty, Public Administration Review, v. 79, n. 5 (2019). [Gated] [SSRN]

Delegation, Collaborative Governance, and Non-Distributive Policy: The Curious Case of Joint Partnerships in American Federalism (with Pamela Clouser McCann and Giulia Leila Travaglini), Journal of Politics, v. 81, n. 1 (2019). [Gated] [SSRN]

Public Goods, Private Partnerships, and Political Institutions, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, v. 29., n. 1 (2019).[Gated] [SSRN]

Democratic Accountability and the Politics of Mass Administrative Reorganization (with J. Andrew Sinclair), British Journal of Political Science, v. 48, n. 3 (2018). [Gated] [SSRN]

Decentralizing Pork: Congressional Roll-Call Voting, Decentralized Administration, and Distributive Politics (with Pamela J. Clouser McCann), Legislative Studies Quarterly, v. 43, n. 1 (2018). [Gated] [SSRN]

Who Are the Policy Workers and What Are They Doing? Citizens’ Heuristics and Democratic Accountability in Complex Governance, Public Performance Management Review, v. 40, n. 2 (2016)[Gated] [SSRN]

Bureaucratic Perceptions of Discretion in the U.S. Separation of Powers: Evidence from Cabinet Departments, Public Organization Review, v. 16, n. 1 (2016). [Gated] [SSRN]

Media Attention and the Demise of Agency Independence: Evidence from a Mass Administrative Reorganization in Britain (with J. Andrew Sinclair and Haram Lee), Public Administration, v. 93, n. 4 (2015). [Gated] [SSRN]

  • Winner of the Haldane Prize for the best paper published in Public Administration during 2015.

Mass Administrative Reorganization, Media Attention, and the Paradox of Information (with J. Andrew Sinclair), Public Administration Review, v. 75, n. 6 (2015). [Gated] [SSRN]

  • Winner of the Best Comparative Policy Paper Award, Midwest Political Science Association.

Measuring Agency Attributes with Attitudes Across Time: A Method and Examples Using Large-Scale Federal Surveys (with Dyana P. Mason, Jennifer M. Connolly, and David A. Gastwirth), Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, v. 25, n. 2 (2015). [Gated] [SSRN] [Measures]

  • Winner of the Herbert Kaufmann Award for Best Paper, Public Administration Section, American Political Science Association.

Politics and Management in Distributive Public Policy: Evidence from Public Support for the Arts in The United Kingdom (with Dyana P. Mason, Jennifer M. Connolly, and Lillian Conover), International Journal of Cultural Policy, v. 20, n. 3 (2014). [Gated]

Policy Influence, Agency-Specific Human Capital, and Exit in the Federal Service (with David E. Lewis), Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, v. 23, n. 2 (2013). [Gated] [SSRN]

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The Lengthened Shadow of Another Institution? The Ideological Preferences of the Executive Branch and Senate (with Christian R. Grose), American Journal of Political Science, v. 55, n. 4 (2011). [Gated] [SSRN] [Ideal Points]

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Governing the Quango: A Theory of Auditing and Cheating. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, v. 16, n. 2 (2006). [Gated] [SSRN]

Delegating to the Quango: Ex Ante and Ex Post Ministerial Constraints. Governance, v. 19, n. 2 (2006). [Gated] [SSRN]

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Strategy and Accountability: Structural Reform Litigation and Public Management. Public Administration Review, v. 64, n. 1 (2004). [Gated]

Managerial Responsibility (with Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.). Public Administration Review, v. 63, n. 3 (2003). [Gated]

Law Review Articles

A Precept of Managerial Responsibility: Securing Collective Justice in Institutional Reform Litigation (with Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.). Fordham Urban Law Journal, v. 29, n. 1 (2001).

Developing a Common Law of Cost Benefit Analysis: A Rational Choice Institutional Analysis. Journal of Law and Politics, v. 14, n. 4 (1999).

Impoverished Liberalism: Does the New York Workfare Program Violate Human Rights? Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, v.5, n.1 (1999).

Should Social Workers Engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law? Boston University Public Interest Law Journal, v. 8, n.1 (1998).

Marketing Racism: The Imperialism of Rationality, Critical Race Theory, and Some Interdisciplinary Lessons for Neoclassical Economics. Virginia Journal of Social Policy and The Law, v. 5, n. 1 (1997).

Invited Essays

Accountability in Representative Government, Handbook of Accountability Research, forthcoming.

New Frontiers in the Politics of Public-Private Partnerships (with Eleanor Florence Woodhouse), Research Agenda for Public-Private Partnerships and the Governance of Infrastructure: New Frontiers and Themes in a Contested World, Edward Elgar (2022).

Law and Co-production: The Importance of Citizenship Values (with Silvia Cannas), forthcoming in the Palgrave Handbook of Co-Production (2021). [SSRN]

Comparative Law and Public Administration (with Fiona Cece), Oxford Handbook of Comparative Administrative Law (2021). [SSRN]

Rational Choice Perspectives on Bureaucracy (with Nicola Palma), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Public Administration (2021).

The Federalist, Nos. 41–43: Coordination in Service of the Public Interest, Public Administration Review, v. 70, Supp. (2011).

Envisioning Public Administration as a Scholarly Field in 2020: The Importance of Political Environments, Public Administration Review, v. 70, Supp. (2010).

Law and Public Administration. Oxford Handbook of Public Management (2005).

Book Reviews

The Craft of Bureaucratic Neutrality by Gregory A. Huber. Journal of Politics, v. 70, n. 4 (2008).

The Public Administration Theory Primer by H. George Frederickson and Kevin B. Smith. Public Management Review, v.7, n.1 (2005).

The Forging of Bureaucratic Autonomy by Daniel P. Carpenter and Presidents and the Politics of Agency Design by David E. Lewis. Public Administration Review, v. 64, n. 4 (2004).

Pitiful Plaintiffs: Child Welfare Litigation and the Federal Courts by Susan Gluck Mezey. Social Service Review, v. 75, n. 2 (2001).

Judicial Policy Making and the Modern State: How the Courts Reformed America’s Prisons by Malcolm M. Feeley and Edward L. Rubin. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, v. 18, n.3 (1999).

Selected Teaching Experience

Introduction to Public Policy, Public Administration and Democracy, Bureaucratic Politics and the Separation of Powers, Public Management, Organization Theory, Research Design and Quantitative Methods, Economics and Politics of Regulation, Comparative Legal and Political Institutions, Administrative Law

Selected Funded Projects

REPGOV: Democracy from Public Administration.

Shrinking the State: Analyzing the Reform of Arm’s Length Bodies in the United Kingdom (with Christopher Skelcher and Matthew Flinders).

Policy Agendas in the United Kingdom (with Peter John, Will Jennings, Shaun Bevan, and Darren Halpin).


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL USA

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA USA

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Additional Affiliations

Fellow, Rock Ethics Institute, 2022-present.

Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration, 2015-present.

Resident Fellow, Dondena Center for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, 2018–2021.

Member, Society of Fellows, New York University, 2015-2019.

Fellow, Judith and John Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise, University of Southern California, 2009–2014

Fellow, USC-­Caltech Center for the Study of Law and Politics, 2009–2014

Fellow, Institute for Political and Economic Governance, University of Manchester, 2007–2012

Member, Democracy, Citizens and Elections Research Network, University of Manchester, 2008–2012

Visiting Professor, School of Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University, 2007–2012

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of Political Science, University College London, 2012–present

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham, 2012–2013

Editorships and Editorial Board Membership

Journal of Public Policy, Editor-in-Chief, 2023-present

Journal of Public Policy, Senior Executive Editor, 2014–2022

Journal of Public Policy, Editor, 2011–2014

Journal of Politics, 2009–2011

British Journal of Political Science, 2009–present

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2006–present

International Public Management Journal, 2006–present

Political Science Research and Methods, 2019–present

Selected Research Funding

REPGOV: Representative Government through Democratic Governance, Principal Investigator, European Research Council, January 1-2022–December 31, 2026, €2,477,902 ($2,957,253).

Shrinking the State: Reforming Arm’s Length Bodies in an Age of Austerity, Co-Investigator with Matthew Flinders and Christopher Skelcher, Economic and Social Research Council, March 2012–February 2015, £655,703 ($1,037,977).

Constructing the Policy Agenda in Advanced Industrial Democracies: The Case of Women’s Policy Issues, Principal Investigator (co-investigator, Diana O’Brien), Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise, July 2013–July 2013, $10,000.

Comparative Public Policy Investment, Principal Investigator, Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise, July 2012–December 2013, $10,000.

The Statistical Measurement of Accountability Concepts in American Governance, Principal Investigator, Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise, November 2010–October 2011, $9,075.

Legislative Policy Agendas in the UK, part of a European Science Foundation, EUROCORES ECRP 2007 project, The Politics of Attention: West European politics in times of change, led by Stefan Walgrave, Department of Political Science, University of Antwerp. With Peter John, Will Jennings and Darren Halpin, August 2008–July 2011, £297,000 ($579,728).

Can Partnerships Among Organizations Promote Policy Success? Lessons From Crime Reduction Partnerships In The United Kingdom, Smith Richardson Foundation. Principal Investigator on subcontract from the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard University, August 2008-June 2009, $40,370.