Herbert Simon Award – Thank You!

But for the coronavirus pandemic, I would be delivering the Herbert Simon Award lecture at the Midwest Political Science Association meetings in Chicago tonight.  It is an incredible honor to have been selected for this award.  Through their work, past awardees have shaped the way that I think about public administration and political science.  I am fortunate to count many of them among my friends.  And I am sorry that the world is such that I could not be in Chicago tonight to thank those who have made my career as a scholar a very happy one.

I meant to give a lecture entitled “Democracy Administered: How Public Administration Shapes Representative Government” this evening.  Instead, these 48 days of lockdown in Milan have given me the time I needed to finish a long suffering book manuscript with that title.  I thought it fitting that I was able to submit it to the publisher today.

To all my colleagues from whom I have learned so much, thank you.